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What Is Music Distribution?

This may sound like a trivial question, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to define what music distribution is all about.

In the first instance, the VCDs that were transported to stores across the country might come to mind. That's basically the main concept. Music distribution is the process of getting music from artists to stores, making it available to the public for purchase. Be it physically or digitally.

Distribution is an important part of music promotion. Music distribution can be the link between your finished recording and your future fans.

Physical Music Distribution

More traditional distribution methods; this is how albums get into your favorite music stores. A music distribution company signs a deal with a record label or artist which then gives them the rights to sell their music to stores. Simply put, the distributor company acts as an intermediary between the artist/record label and the store.

Digital Music Distribution

Digital music distribution works much the same, just on a different platform. Instead of transporting albums to physical stores, distribution companies will distribute the music in digital format (usually mp3 or .wav and some even .flac). Music is sent to online music platforms such as Spotify, Joox, Resso, Youtube Music and many more List Music Platforms. Then it's the distributor's job to ensure that royalties for the use of the music go to the artists and rights holders.

Some digital distributors accept anyone who wants to sell through their site directly. But many are very difficult to register directly, especially for new musicians.

With Tune Wagon, we can help musicians or labels distribute their music to all platforms that we have cooperation with, even those that are difficult for new musicians to accept. And provide royalty payments every month.

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